Canada Northwest FASD Partnership

The Canada Northwest FASD Partnership (CNFASDP) has been in place since 1998. CNFASDP is an alliance of seven jurisdictions; Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Saskatchewan and the Yukon, working towards the development and promotion of an inter-jurisdictional approach to prevention, intervention, care and support of individuals who are affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

One main focus of CNFASDP has been the creation and development of the Canada FASD Research Network (formerly known as the Canada Northwest FASD Research Network) in March of 2005. As our 7th anniversary approaches, the CNFASDP supports the planned evolution in our organization.

Moving forward, the Canada FASD Research Network plans to expand nationally, working with all existing Canadian researchers, programs, organizations, families and professionals, including existing grassroots organizations that want to collaborate on research on the complex issues surrounding FASD.

 Government of New Brunswick