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Joining the CanFASD as an individual member is a way to stay up to date with FASD research and best practice, stay connected to Canada’s FASD community, and share your story. CanFASD members are part of a Network of researchers, service providers, professionals, and individuals with lived experience who are working together to address the complexities of FASD.

Researchers, Service Providers & Professionals

$129.00 per year with the option to have access to the CanFASD Membership Directory.

Individuals with FASD and Caregivers

We offer a preferred rate for people with FASD and caregivers of people with FASD at $49.00 per year.

Membership Levels

The individual membership is open to anyone that wants to stay up to date with FASD research in Canada. Individual members get access to a range of benefits that build connections, share knowledge, strengthen advocacy and increase understanding of FASD in Canada. Our individual membership is offered at a preferred rate to people with FASD and their caregivers.

Member Benefits

Individual member benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

Stay Connected

  • Invitations to in-person member-only events, such as meet and greets and townhall meetings where you can connect with CanFASD researchers, board members, staff and members from our advisory committees.
  • Member-only question and answer sessions with CanFASD staff and researchers.
  • First-in-line notices for upcoming events and important announcements.
  • Being a part of the Canada FASD Research Network
  • The option to be added to the CanFASD Membership Directory*

*This benefit is not available for individuals with FASD and caregivers who sign up using our preferred rates

Share Your Stories

  • Opportunities for researchers to seek research participants through CanFASD networks.
  • Opportunities for researchers to have their work profiled in the e-newsletter and on CanFASD channels.
  • Opportunities for families and service providers to share their stories through our e-newsletter and CanFASD channels.

Stay informed

  • Bi-weekly e-newsletter updates with exclusive information, including research summaries, invitations to participate in research projects, member-only event notification, professional development opportunities, stories of interest, and more.
  • Invitations to member-only events that put evidence about FASD in real-world contexts.
  • Ongoing research project updates that offer real-time information, not just after the research is published

Influence Research

  • Opportunities to participate in and contribute to research studies to have your voice heard.
  • Member-only surveys that help influence the direction of policy related to FASD.
  • Opportunity to provide annual feedback into CanFASD’s research agenda and issues of importance.
  • Researchers, students, and service providers are eligible to apply for CanFASD research and travel awards


…all people, regardless of their background or relationship with FASD know that CanFASD is the place to go if they have research-based questions.

-CanFASD Stakeholder

“CanFASD’s research is of the highest quality and involves the voice of individuals with FASD and their families…I appreciate the ongoing effort to be inclusive.”

-CanFASD Stakeholder

“CanFASD is the trusted source for FASD assessment protocols and evidence-based intervention plans. Their online courses are the best you will find anywhere.”

-CanFASD Stakeholder

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, the individual and jurisdictional memberships are different and have different benefits. Even if you live in a province or territory that is a jurisdictional member of CanFASD we recommend you obtain an individual membership so that you don’t miss out.

At this time we are not able to offer group purchases for individual memberships.

Yes, we welcome everyone to stay connected and informed with CanFASD. All membership fees are in Canadian dollars.

While we welcome everyone to join CanFASD, our preferred rate is dedicated for people with FASD and primary caregivers of people with FASD.

We will be sending an email newsletter to all members every two weeks, in addition to sporadic emails when we have breaking news or an exclusive event to share with you. However, we want to respect everyone’s time so we will be sending future survey questions to ask how often you would like to be contacted and will do our best to limit our emails accordingly.

As of now we are not offering a student rate for membership. Please contact us at if you are interested in donating a membership to one of your students.

Our membership directory an added benefit for professionals who paid the full membership rate. At this time it is not being offered to individuals with FASD or caregivers.

You may sign up for either our regular membership or the preferred rate given to individuals with FASD and caregivers. It’s your choice! However, individuals who choose the preferred rate will not receive the benefit of having access to the membership directory.

The CanFASD Individual Membership and its benefits are distinct from the CanFASD Jurisdictional Memberships, which are offered exclusively to provincial and territorial governments. Offering memberships for individuals from coast to coast ensures everyone can be part of a broader FASD community! 

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