Our Vision

All Canadians are engaged and united with awareness, evidence and knowledge and are effectively addressing the complexities of FASD.

Our Mission

CanFASD supports Canada’s leadership, across all sectors and at all levels, in addressing the extraordinary complexities of FASD.

The Network does this through producing and sustaining national collaborative research, shared with all Canadians, focusing primarily on the critical areas of prevention, intervention and diagnosis.

The work of the Network leads to increasingly effective prevention strategies and practice and improved support for people affected by FASD.

Our Values & Principals

Undertake, coordinate and facilitate research that is meaningful and applicable to families, governments, service providers and stakeholders

CanFASD works collaboratively with partners and stakeholders

To use appropriate language when communicating about FASD, recognizing the sensitivities and complexities of FASD

CanFASD recognizes and values the critical importance that research contributes to informing policy and program development and delivery

CanFASD is not a research funding body nor does it provide direct service

Our Goals

  1. To develop and foster relationships, research programs, and initiatives across the spectrum of FASD activity
  2. To facilitate and enhance productive linkages across jurisdictions, communities, and disciplines related to FASD
  3. To answer high priority questions that are meaningful about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of FASD to disseminate empirically validated knowledge about the prevention, prevalence, surveillance, diagnosis and treatment of FASD
  4. To inform policy, practice and decision making to become a centre of expertise on FASD in Canada
  5. To build a sustainable research network
  6. To build research capacity and knowledge across and within all communities