CanFASD Webinar Series Guidelines and Process


The Canada FASD Research Network is proud to support three distinct webinar series geared towards enhancing shared understandings of FASD and promoting integration of evidence across multiple settings:

  1. Sharing the Evidence Series (target audience – researchers and clinicians): to present new evidence in the field of FASD
  2. Frontline Series (target audience – caregivers and service providers): to provide considerations for meaningful application of research; in particular, ways to leverage the evidence and reduce barriers to innovative, research-informed practice
  3. Signature Series (for policy makers, by invite only): to advance policy implications and considerations stemming from cutting-edge FASD research

Process and Details

The process for each series will vary somewhat, in keeping with the unique goals of each. General principles of process and content are noted here.

  • All webinars will be evidence-based
  • Selection process:
    • Primary presenters for all series must include researchers or students, however webinars may also include supporting presenters (e.g., caregivers, individuals with FASD, service providers, etc.)
    • The Evidence and Signature series webinars will be peer-reviewed As such, they will require submission of proposed presentation for review by members of the Academic Review Committee. Submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis, although at times specific feature topics may be requested with submission dates noted. Individual researchers/teams may also be invited to submit applications for presentations in specific topic areas.
    • The Frontline series presenters will be by invite-only. Invitations will be offered based on recommendations made by the Invitation Committee.
  • Fees:
    • The Frontline series will be offered at no cost
    • The Evidence and Signature series will be offered at a nominal fee, which will be waived during COVID, and (tentatively) reinstated in December 2020
  • Format:
    • For all series, total webinar length will be a maximum of 60 minutes, with approximately 45 minutes for presentations and a 15-minute question period
    • Where possible and appropriate, all webinars should have an Expert Host (i.e., researcher, politician, individual with FASD, Family Advisory Committee member, etc.), to be suggested by applicant
    • Webinars will always be offered on Fridays, and will remain available on the CanFASD website after the original date
    • Each webinar will conclude with post-session evaluation questions, to be shared with the presenters

Oversight Committees

The Oversight Committee will oversee the implementation of all three series, deciding on the topics of presentation, and coordinating the consistency and flow of content across series. This Committee will be comprised of the Executive Director, Senior Research Lead, FAC Chair, and Research Associate(s).

Selection Committees

Invitation Committee

This Committee will be chaired by the Executive Director and meet quarterly to plan and coordinate the logistics of all presentations. Specific tasks include:

    • Planning the presentation schedule in 3-month cycles
    • Identifying and inviting speakers to submit applications for presentations
    • Collecting information from presenters (i.e., submission forms, etc.)
    • Priority will be given to CanFASD researchers and affiliates

Academic Peer-Review Committee

This Committee will be chaired by the Senior Research Lead and meet quarterly to review submissions for presentations in the Evidence and Signature series. The Committee will consult with other Research Leads where relevant. The following criteria will guide the review process:

    • Alignment with CanFASD priority areas (intervention, prevention, diagnostics, epidemiology, policy, justice, or basic biomedical research)
    • Addresses the human dimensions of FASD and demonstrates clear potential for improving the lives of those with FASD and their families
    • Provides innovative and timely information

Marketing Strategies

The Executive Director and Communications Coordinator will oversee the marketing of all webinars, with the input of other relevant committee members and Research Leads, when appropriate. Specific strategies will involve:

  • Research & Analysis: Collecting data through pre- and post-webinar surveys to understand our audience and the value these webinars bring to them.
  • Sourcing Presenters: Internal communications with members of the Network (i.e., RLs and FAC members) and personal communications with known individuals (i.e. researchers, service providers) and partner organizations (i.e. Kids Brain Health) to source presenters and hosts.
  • Communications & Marketing: The development and implementation of a dedicated communication plan to market these presentations to the correct audiences. The Evidence and Frontline series can be advertised through CanFASD blogs, social media outlets, and personal/professional connections. The Executive Director will send information to policy makers and networks to share scheduled webinars. Policy Series participants will be by invitation only