Who are we?

The intervention team focuses on research and knowledge translation in FASD interventions. The intervention team partners with various organizations involved in FASD research and consults an advisory panel of experts in the field across Canada.

What we do

Our current research goals are focused on the intervention needs of individuals with FASD across their lifespan. Fundamentally, the team seeks to build research, knowledge and connections in an effort to improve FASD intervention policy, practice and outcomes. Within this bridge-building role, we plan to focus on three primary areas: innovation, communication and quality.

  • innovation – priorities in this area include building awareness of the functional needs of individuals of FASD, and mapping interventions to address these needs across jurisdictions and across their lifespan
  • communication – priorities in this area include establishing an online community with the goal of having a central place where ideas, interventions, and research can evolve and developing a quarterly e-newsletter to update stakeholder networks about developments in the field of FASD intervention and also about the activities of the Network Action Team
  • quality – priorities in this area include establishing an advisory panel of experts, identifying gaps in research and setting research directions


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iNAT BlogIntervention on FASD across the lifespan

KnowFASDKnowFASD summarizes the common neurobehavioural features of FASD found in current research and provides intervention resources specific to many neurobehavioural difficulties.


Assessment for Intervention of Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Perspectives of Classroom Teachers, Administrators, Caregivers, and Allied Professionals

This study increases the links between research and practice as we move toward a model of assessment for intervention. Such a model has a strong potential for optimizing assessment practices to better meet the needs of children with FASDs as it promotes a shift that focuses on successful child outcomes regardless of diagnosis. Download

Intervention Across the Lifespan: Where are we at and where do we need to go? – identifies the existing gaps in research and provides an overview of the key needs at different developmental stages within the lifespan of an individual with FASD. Download

Spreading the Word About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Walls, L (2011). Published on the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Blog. Read Article


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